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We manufacture and supply prescription medicines across the UK

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Delivering Value

Neon Healthcare supplies medicines to hospitals, retail pharmacies, dispensing practices and other healthcare providers throughout the United Kingdom.

Neon is a reliable supplier of a range of prescription only medicines. These are manufactured around the world, and we use our well-established logistics network to fast-track them into the UK.

The correct medicines, delivered on time

The correct medicines, delivered on time

Neon has a strong culture of accountability, and our team members ensure that our medicines adhere to the highest quality standards and are delivered to patients on time.

About Us
UK based pharmaceutical company

UK based pharmaceutical company

With extensive experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and supply chain within the UK, we have the experience to fulfil all requirements for our own, and our partners products.

Our Products
Expanding into non-UK markets

Expanding into non-UK markets

Neon Healthcare supplies critical products throughout the UK, which would be of benefit to patients in other territories. We've already begun to explore replicating our activities in the UK for markets in many other parts of the world.

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  • Experienced


    Over 50 years experience with
    generic & brands

  • Accountable


    We’re a responsible partner
    and supplier

  • Dynamic


    Always challenging ourselves
    to deliver more

  • Successful


    Marketing, promotion & sales
    of brands and generics

  • Distribution


    Hospitals, retail pharmacies, dispensing practices and other healthcare providers throughout the United Kingdom

  • Medicines


    Tablets, capsules, creams,
    lotions, oral liquids, injectables

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